Fulfillment Of Purpose


    As someone who has battled depression off and on for many years, I have experienced the lows and highs, yet did not quite know what to do with those highs. After a major depression,  we tend to come out of it energized, full of hope and desire for a fresh start yet the opportunity for that fresh start may not present itself. That's why its important to search within yourself, discover what you're passionate about so you can create that opportunity. It's important to step out of your comfort zone and begin doing what you've always been passionate about doing, in order to find true fulfillment. That's why i created, After The Storm, as i know what it's like to go through a storm then come out of it energized and full of life yet not knowing what to do with that energy. I am here to assist you in discovering yourself, your dreams, your passions, your strengths, your goals and to encourage you as, You Do The Work to accomplish those goals. Helping you reach your full potential is my passion, it's what i feel energized to do, After The Storm....